Tema İstanbul Bahçe

Tema World

Tema World

Having been designed on the top of standards of a park on urban scale, Tema World has been planned to be a living, organic structure, rendering services to commercial and cultural functions through its different focal points and centres.

Tema World is a world where the sense of entertainment is integrated with the units the state of art, disabled-friendly playgrounds, street entertainments, festivals and yearlong celebrations, and that is so green, spacious and that you will have your fill of unlimited entertainment.

Light and waterworks to be performed in ponds and reflecting pools of 15.000 m2, and restaurant and cafes located therein, and will offer different tastes, will bring liveliness in the life qualities of people living around, and Tema World on world’s scale and standards will also give a positive acceleration to Istanbul tourism by considering as well 15 million people living in Istanbul metropolis and the potential of domestic and foreign tourists over 10 million every year visiting the city.

Having an investment value over about 300 Million Euros, Tema World aims welcoming more than 10 million visitors a year.