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MESA MESKEN SANAYİİ A.Ş., founded in 1969 in Ankara, has put an understanding into practice by changing especially mass housing approach in Turkey, addressing the human and the building with their surroundings. MESA has broken many other ‘new grounds’ within 45 years and has become a brand mentioned together with ‘quality and confidence’ in housing industry. ‘MESA standard’ has become a reference point applied today in obtaining quality.

Up to today, about 75.000 residences, established on an area of over 7.000.000 m2 and having the signature of MESA at every stage of production – from design to completion, including the infrastructure and landscape – has become a product of a hard-line ‘quality’ sense. In other words, almost 350.000 people live in MESA residences today. In some residences, introducing Turkish people to the high quality living quarters and carrying the signature of MESA, the 3rd generation keeps living today.

Today, MESA is in the position of a strong community of companies carrying on business in many fields from industry/production to service sector and tourism, in addition to its leading construction/housing industry, and employing thousands of people. Carrying on activities both as entrepreneur and contractor, MESA constructs great housing sites inside and outside the country, all kind of structures and their technical and leisure centres and infrastructures, and it performs environmental planning and landscaping. It constructs the structures such as large capacity business and shopping centres, tourism and sports facilities, health and culture centres, schools, public parks, mosques, office buildings, industrial plants, etc. The community companies take charge in planning and in each area and stage of design and construction for the purpose of fulfilling this function in a most reliable way; while manufacturing some building components, such as all kinds of steel form, steel mesh, joinery and precast, especially tunnel form used in the construction industry on the other hand. The aforementioned products in high MESA quality meet the community requirements as well as they are asked in internal and external markets thanks to their proven competitive powers.

MESA delivers the buildings constructed by it to their owners with special guarantee. By means of the Customer Services Unit it established, it eliminates the defects that may arise at the stage of use, protects MESA quality in its projects for many years and adds a new dimension to the service.

Breaking ‘new grounds’, such as tunnel formwork technology, ‘Customer Service Unit’, ‘housing sites service and maintenance companies’ it brought in the mass housing industry in Turkey, MESA carries the pride in the new lives and lively cities established by it with structures that it has been putting into practice for 44 years.

MESA has been the first brand in Turkey to effectuate the production of the ‘tunnel formwork’ system, which has taken the concept of ‘great project’ to ‘thousands – tens of thousands of residences’. In the ‘tunnel formwork’ system, which provides a great acceleration, quality, strength and economic savings in construction processes, MESA is today in the worldwide leading position in the technology and market.

Having almost 5.000 employees in our day, MESA puts its signature under many projects as both entrepreneur and contractor inside and outside the country. Holding the International ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental Management System, ISO 9001:2000 – Quality Management System and OHSAS 18001:2007 – Occupational Health and Safety Management certificates, MESA takes part among ENR Top – 225 building enterprises carrying on business in 8 countries.


ARTAŞ Group, founded by Süleyman Çetinsaya, has combined its 40-year knowledge and experience in the construction sector with the growing political and economic power of Turkey, and takes firm steps to the target to raise the country towards a contemporary and modern life.

The group has determined real estate development, retail and tourism sectors as the fields of main activities. It has been one of the leaders of branding in housing industry with the project “Avrupa Konutları”, and has generated total 15 thousand residences since 2006 until our day with this brand and different brands. Bringing Avrupa Konutları standards in the sector, ARTAŞ Group has aimed at manufacturing in all its projects in a rapid and high quality way and rendering the best service for the site managements and residents after delivery.

ARTAŞ Group has brought the sense of housing changing in parallel with modern city conditions into practice and played an active role in the development of many regions in Istanbul. Besides gaining customer trust on the right locations with the right projects, it has brought high bonuses with its sales policies followed. The group has aimed at bringing in both its customer and national economy. ARTAŞ, which has delivered 15 thousand residences until today, will also continue the deliveries in 2016, and will start new projects and maintain to strengthen its position in the real estate sector.

ARTAŞ Group, which uses its constructing experience in the retail and tourism sector, has responded the requirements in these fields successfully. It has a leasable area of 300.000 m2 in the retail sector and it aims at raising this area up to 500.000 m2 within the next five years. ARTAŞ continues its investments in the retail sector with the shopping centres and other commercial units, which it has constructed and the management of which it has been maintaining.

Having a 30-year history in the tourism sector, the Group maintains its activities in various cities with hotel managements belonging to international chains. ARTAŞ Group maintains the business in hotel projects it has constructed and the management in the housing and shopping centre projects within the company. Artaş Group continues to establish well qualified, high quality and peaceful places by means of the employment of 7.000 people having been added into the national economy.


K & A

Kantur&Akdaş, carrying on activities of project development, project management, facility building and operation, has 31years of history in the sector within the scope of Build-Operate model projects. Kantur&Akdaş Company, the founder and Chairman of Board of Directors of which is Ali Kantur, has been the leading company in Turkey in the acquisition of products such as plasterboard and Betopan in the sector.

Developing its own staff in the course of time within the scope of all of these experiences and knowledge, Kantur&Akdaş is a specialist company especially on the subjects of “Solid Waste Management and Disposal and Energy Generation From Wastes”, and it has broken new and the most grounds in the sector by means of new technologies and investments.

Kantur&Akdaş takes place as well in respectable partnership structures in the projects, which in our day, are not only construction projects and include knowledge, technology and operation experience and makes economic contribution to Turkey.