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Meet Tema Istanbul

Tema Istanbul introduces a brand new living culture to Istanbul.

The regions outstanding project, Tema İstanbul Bahce is comprised of 363 apartments ranging from 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms. 95% of the apartments in Tema Istanbul Bahce have a splendid view of a garden or of a park, each of which has a wide balcony terrace or a garden terrace. If you choose to be in Tema Istanbul Bahce, the scene out of your window will be portrayed with greenery and your home will be filled with tranquility.
Tema İstanbul Birinci Etap

Hosting numerous facilities from indoor and outdoor swimming pools to tenis courts, a 3km trekking and bicycle track to fruit gardens, a fully equiped 7/24 active security units to an activity square, Tema Istanbul introduces a brand new living culture to Istanbul.

Tema World

Tema Istanbul Bahçe is juxtaposed with Tema World which is to become the most extensive entertainment center in the city. This is the place where joy will fill up the garden, and the greenery will become one with the city.

Tema İstanbul Bahçe

A future with the theme of a boutique home style. The award-winning mixed-use project of Atakent, which has brought a “new culture of lifestyle” to Istanbul, is now on its way with a second phase that puts the primary focus on nature and green.

Life in Tema

85% of the land reserved for hard- soft landscape and enormous green fields, vehicle traffic is only present on outside circle of the site and underground, relieving the Tema Istanbul internal zone from traffic. Except for obligatory cases and special conditions.

Tema İstanbul - Peyzaj
Tema İstanbul - Peyzaj