Established in Ankara in 1969, MESA MESKEN SANAYİİ A.Ş. completely revolutionized the public housing approach in Turkey, introducing a new approach that embraces people and buildings. MESA has performed many other ‘‘firsts’‘ in 45 years, becoming a brand associated with ‘‘quality and reliability’‘ in homes. The ‘MESA standard’ has become a reference point for quality assurance.

To date, nearly 75,000 homes on nearly 7,000 square meters, which are MESA’s signature in every stage of production, have been generated with an uncompromising ‘‘quality’‘ approach to include infrastructure and environmental planning. In other words, approximately 350,000 people live in MESA homes today. MESA has introduced high-quality living spaces to Turkish people, and some of these houses have been for the third generation today.

MESA, today, is a powerful group of companies that employs thousands of people in many industries ranging from industry and manufacturing to services to tourism, in addition to the construction and housing industry it leads. Working both as an entrepreneur and as a contractor, MESA builds big residential complexes in Turkey and abroad, all kinds of structures, their technical and social facilities and infrastructure, and implements environmental and landscaping regulations. Large capacity business and shopping centers, tourism and sports facilities, health and cultural centers, schools, city parks, mosques, office buildings, industrial facilities, etc. structures. To perform this function in the most reliable way, Group companies take part in every area and stage of planning, design and construction; in addition, the company manufactures a number of structural components such as steel formwork, steel mesh, joinery and prefabricated elements, particularly tunnel formwork. These high-quality MESA products are sought in domestic and international markets with proven competitiveness as well as meeting community requirements.

MESA delivers the buildings it constructs to the owners with a special guarantee. It has established a Customer Service Unit to: It rectifies imperfections in the use stage, preserves the MESA quality in its projects for many years, and adds a new dimension to the service.

With innovations that have been launched for 44 years, MESA boasts pioneering achievements such as tunnel formwork technology, ‘‘Customer Services Unit’‘, and ‘‘residential complexes service and maintenance companies’‘ that have been introduced to the mass housing industry in Turkey. With these achievements, MESA is proud of its new lives and vibrant cities.

MESA was also the first brand in Turkey to produce the ‘‘tunnel formwork’‘ system, which has increased the concept of ‘‘grand project’‘ from ‘‘a few hundred houses to ‘‘thousands of tens of thousands.’‘ Today, MESA is the technology and market leader in the world in the ‘‘tunnel formwork’‘ system, which provides speed, quality, durability, and economy in its construction processes.

Today MESA has approximately 5,000 employees and has completed many projects in Turkey and abroad, both as entrepreneurs and contractors. MESA holds ISO 14001:2004 - Environmental Management System, ISO 9001:2000 - Quality Management System and OHSAS 18001:2007 - Occupational Health and Safety Management certificates. It is among the ENR Top - 225 construction companies operating in eight countries.


Founded by Süleyman Çetinsaya, the ARTAŞ Group combines 40 years of know-how and know-how in the construction industry with Turkey’s growing political and economic power, taking firm steps towards raising the country towards a modern life.

Group; he has designated the real estate development, retail, and tourism industries as his primary areas of activity. ‘‘Avrupa Konutları’‘ is one of the pioneers of branding in the housing sector, and has manufactured a total of 15,000 housing units with this brand and various brands since 2006. Having brought European Residential Building standards to the industry, ARTAŞ Group strives to provide the best service to its residents by producing fast and high-quality products through site management after delivery.

ARTAŞ Group has implemented a changing housing concept in line with the conditions of the modern city and has actively contributed to the development of many areas in Istanbul. Gaining customer confidence by undertaking the right projects in the right locations; raised high premiums through its sales policy. The Group aims to bring it to both its customers and the national economy. Having delivered 15,000 housing units to date, ARTAŞ will continue to strengthen its position in the real estate industry by continuing with the deliveries and starting new projects in 2016.

ARTAŞ Group leverages its building experience in the retail and tourism industry. it has successfully responded to the needs in these areas. In the retail sector it has 300,000 m² of retail space and aims to increase this figure to 500,000 m² in the next five years. ARTAŞ continues to invest in the retail industry with the shopping malls and other commercial units it has built and manages.

With a 30-year history in the tourism industry, the group continues its activities with hotel enterprises that belong to international chains in various cities. ARTAŞ Group manages the hotel projects it has built, as well as residential and shopping mall projects. Artaş Group it continues to build high-quality and peaceful living spaces with the employment of 7,000 people it adds to the national economy.

K & A

Kantur & Akdaş, which carries out project development, project management, facility establishment and operation activities, has a history of 31 years in the industry in line with Build-Operate model projects. The founder and Chairman of the Board, Ali Kantur, Kantur & Akdaş, has pioneered the introduction of products such as Alçıpan and Betopan in Turkey.

Thanks to its vast experience and know-how, Kantur & Akdaş has also developed its own team over time. In particular, it is a company specialized in Solid Waste Management and Disposal as well as Energy Production from Waste. The company has blazed new trails and achieved many firsts in the industry through new technologies and investments.

Currently, Kantur&Akdaş is not only a construction project, but also a respected partnership structure in projects that contribute to Turkey and include information, technology and business experience.

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