• As true as our word

    Construction of a new dream in Tema Istanbul’s Garden is shaped by working hard in the hands of our employees. They all offer a brand new life that is harmoniously and meticulously designed for a common purpose. Tema Istanbul Garden is as real as our word!

  • A future with a boutique lifestyle theme

    Bringing a new life culture to Istanbul, Tema Istanbul, Atakent’s award-winning mixed project, brings a green life to the center of the city with Tema Istanbul Garden.

    Located right next to Tema Istanbul, Tema Istanbul Garden embodies the following objectives: the largest living space is now green! Neighboring Tema Word, which is set to become the most comprehensive entertainment and life park in Istanbul, Tema Istanbul Garden will overflow entertainment into the garden, with the city going green.

    A future with a boutique lifestyle theme

    The 11-story high Tema Istanbul Garden houses a boutique and horizontal living area with a total of 10 blocks. Values that are about to disappear are reviving at Tema Istanbul Garden. In Tema Istanbul Garden, which has been designed with 2 or 3 apartments on most floors, you can: cozy future blossoms with brand new friendships and traditional neighborly relations. Low-rise blocks turn into high happiness.

  • 363 apartments, 365 days of garden

    A comfortable 363 apartments, from 1+1 to 4+1, are available in Tema Istanbul Garden, a prominent area project. Tema Istanbul Garden consists of apartments with gardens or spacious terraces. 95 percent of the residential area covers parks or gardens. At Tema Istanbul Garden, you won’t be left without a green window or a peace at home.

    İstanbul meets with garden by metro

    Tema Istanbul Garden, which is planned to offer a life full of gardens and entertainment to the entire city, transforms transportation into pleasure with the metro station right in front of it. Everyone from all ages can easily reach Tema Istanbul Garden. Life offers entertainment for those who want a garden.

  • Horizontal architect that brings joy to your environment

    Tema Istanbul Garden’s low-rise architecture brings a boutique lifestyle with it. It takes much less time to reach green in low-rise blocks. With its boutique structure, green areas and fun-filled lifestyle, Tema Istanbul Garden gives you a decent lifestyle.

  • Your childhood awaits you in your garden

    Do you remember those days when you went out in the garden as a child in peace and pressed the green grass? Those good days are coming back with Tema Istanbul Garden. You will have the opportunity to relive the good times of your childhood, while your children play with their volunteers in the lush green gardens within the secure site.

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