Tema Istanbul Sales Office building serves as the sales office and showroom of Tema Istanbul, consisting primarily of a residential complex with 4,000 units, entertainment and shopping center. This building houses the sample apartments of Tema Istanbul, a gallery space with a model of 4,000 housing units and project visuals, and administrative and sales offices.

The structure is positioned in a green, sloping topography that faces the TEM highway, where thousands of cars pass every day, and it extends into the space. The facade of the mass that incorporates building functions is coated with reflex glass. White elliptical ribs cut in contact with the ground via a reflection pool made from the black gravel encircle and integrate the functional structure. Depending on the time of day, the rib wrapping around the building interacts with the context and attracts attention. Thanks to its reflective glass-coated surface during the day, the functional mass of the building is almost invisible. Due to the invisibility of functional mass, the rib structure surrounding the building generates an appearance of floating in space. At night, when the rib structure is illuminated, the building becomes a statue of light. As it gradually changes color, it becomes an autonomous object in the dark.

The functional program of the building shows distribution on three floors. The ground floor of the first elliptical rib, which is accessed through a wooden bridge, contains the main sales offices, bank offices, models and graphic panels. The first floor, where the sample apartment is displayed, is accessed through the gallery that oversees the model of the residential complex. The basement features administrative offices and support units.

The interior design concept of the structure is designed to enhance the sense of spatial depth in various objects and surfaces by using a single green color. The first spatial depth effect is given by using green on the rear surface of the main entrance foyer. The green back takes the visitor’s attention, inviting him to the venue.

From the moment a visitor enters a structure, they are immediately greeted by the color green on different surfaces. Examples of these green surfaces are office carpets, enameled glass walls of toilets, garages and exemplary apartments, plexiglass covering of elevator cabinets, interior landscaping, office seating elements, front panel of the executive desk, a stair chandelier consisting of green glass tubes and green LED lighting. Green color throughout the interior ensures the integration and orientation of visual signs. The outdoor landscape reinforces the integrative effect of green color. This ensures visual continuity by the depth and color relationships between indoor and outdoor spaces.

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